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Kwang says “Vee’s Not Worth It” Ouch!

19 Oct

Love is hard to predict, like before we used to think “Kwang” Thitirat Hengsakul has fallen into a love triangle with “Vee Veraparb & Nok Aussanee”. But the latest Kwang came out to throw punches on Oops! Magazinzine

The first punch: I heard you’re declaring a war to steal Vee from Nok, is that true?

“No, honestly I don’t need to steal from anybody and he’s not worth stealing”

Punch Two: How has the news impact you?

“My family are angry because of some one who came out and said people need to use common sense when reading the news. Well I understand she’s jealous and possessive of her Ex”

Punch Three: Are you going to sort things out with her?

“If she wants to, she needs to come and sort things out with me”

Punch Four: How is your relationship with Vee now?

“I want to move away from him. I don’t want problems. We haven’t spoken to each other for some time now. Vee calls me but I get my manager to answer the phone instead”

Punch Five: What’s your ideal guy like?

“I like mature men”

 Punch Six: Vee is a mature man

“No he’s not. He’s my age”

 How do you feel Vee? Does it hurt?

SOURCE: Thairath

Nok Mad About “Vee – Kwang”

27 Sep

“Nok” Auossanee was speechless when she got ask about “Vee” Veraparb and his new girl “Kwang” Thitirat. On this Nok simply said we’re just good friends with each other and there’s no problems. In the recent news we’ve seen Vee getting cosy with a new fling, I supposed at this stage Nok has no choice but to come to terms with the situation.

“Vee has told me some things and I feel those are his personal matters”

 Kwang came out to say Vee tried to make a move on her while he was still dating you?

 “I’ve spoken to Vee already and between us there is no problem. We’ve sorted everything out. As for other people, you will have to wait and see”

Kwang said on Vee’s birthday he wore a T-shirt that was a gift from you to go to dinner with her?

“Some stories are not always true. Some things people don’t know about or misunderstood. I think since this is her business, let her talk about it”

Did you feel her interview was a slap in the face to you?

“No, I don’t know her and I wouldn’t be giving out an interview about someone I don’t know”

How did you feel about her interview?

“I think people should have common sense and not give out interviews about another person that you don’t even know. I don’t know what the other person said about me but I don’t know her so I’m not going to talk about her”

Did you talk to Vee about how Kwang mentioned you in her interview?

“Like I said, Vee and I have spoken to each other about us. We have no problems with each other and we’re okay, we’re good friends with each other”

So you’re not totally cut off from each other?

“We’re good friends with each other and there’s nothing anymore. But as for Vee and the other person you’ll just have to wait and see”


SOURCE: Innesnews


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Kwang Tells All; Vee Tried To get With Her While Dating Nok!

16 Sep

Womaniser Veraparb Suparbpaiboon is back on the prowl! He recently took “Kwang” Thitirat Hengsakul to a concert followed by trip to J Avenue where he treated her to some shopping(at her shop) and dinner! Meanwhile he still announced on television “Nok Aussanee is my last love” Confused much? It Looks like he doesn’t know what he wants!

Kwang reveals in an interview, “My relationship with Vee hasn’t gone too far. We first got know each other when he approached me to ask for my number at a party a long time ago. I even asked him, why do you want to get to know me and he was stunned for a bit then said ‘no one has ever said that to him before.I didn’t give him my number on that day, but in the end he ended up getting my number from a friend and he called me. At first I didn’t really talk to him and that was two years ago because at the time he was in a rumor with somebody else though when I ask him about it he said she’s just a friend. Later I opened up my own shop and we had a ‘Grand Opening’ launch, I needed models for the day so when he called me I talked to him. At first he said he was going to model for me but then he got caught up with work in Germany so he didn’t come. He was even going to send flowers to me but I told him not to send anything”

 You went to a concert with him.“He begged me to go. He said I have two tickets and I don’t know who to go with. He said he’d be very grateful if I would go with him and I felt sorry for him because he had just broken up with his girlfriend so I thought I’d go there with him as friends. It was the first time I went out with him and we made news on that day too. I tried to run away from the camera but Vee stood there willingly for photos. The reason why I wanted to run was because I didn’t want to upset my mom, she worries about me when I get into bad publicity. That was the reason why we didn’t stay at the concert till the end of the show. I didn’t think anything about going to a concert with Vee, he was heartbroken and wanted a friend so I went with him. Since we been in the news together we started talking, it was during the stage when Vee went overseas and I was bombarded by reporters asking questions. That’s why I told them to call Vee”


You’ve been branded as third hand in the romance between Vee and Nok, does that worry you?“Do people think I’m Vee’s girlfriend? My parents don’t like it, I get nagged about it every day. I don’t know why, I’m here minding my own business why do people have to drag me into it? We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. Though Vee has told me I’m the only person he’s talking to right now and let time be the judge.”

He said “Nok is his last love.”

And he said the same thing, let time be the judge.”

What made you open up to accept Vee?“He’s like a new friend. When he doesn’t have anyone he looks so pitiful and I should take care of my friend. I’m a positive person and I’ve only just started out in the industry I really don’t want bad rumors, but I’m already caught in a scandal.” Are you weary of his womaniser reputation? “He’s not lying to me or anything but it’s just that I don’t want to date him and then have bad feelings or hurt one another. From what I know, the other person is hurting too and she’s still not over it so therefore it’s best to not involve me in it. I feel if I’m going to get a boyfriend I want a good person, if not I’d rather be by myself. My family gives me enough love.”

How do you feel about Vee coming out to give interviews sounding like he’s still in love with Nok?“I feel nothing because Vee and I are not at the stage where I can interfere with his personal matters. We’re not that deeply involved and my friend saw the interview he gave on his lakorn set and called me to tell me about it and I felt nothing. But that day he called me to say he wore the shirt that he bought from my shop”

“If there’s anything I will tell you for sure. I have nothing to lie about because as you all know all I care about is my family. The news are giving out false accusation and my parents are old I don’t want them to hear anything upsetting. And we all know about Vee’s reputation but in real life he’s not like that at all. Therefore please don’t think I’m a third hand or whatever between anyone. Look at their relationship, they still have good feelings for each other. They still can’t get over each other completely. Also I’m a girl and I don’t have a boyfriend but just because I don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m not brave enough to admit to a relationship or get into one. The thing is I’m a hard person to get to fall in love. If that person is not good enough I’d rather be alone. I see relationships as important and I think long term, I don’t want to just date someone for the fun of it, I want to get to know someone for a long time.”


Is Vee making a move on you? “He calls me everyday. When he went overseas recently he bought gifts back for me. From what I know, he’s a good friend but he’s not my closest guy friend.” Is there room for progress? “I don’t know 50:50”

From the sound of it, seems like you’re seeing him and you haven’t closed the lid for opportunities.“We both have opportunities. All singles have opportunities to meet new friends and if it works then there’s a chace but with Vee he’s still just a friend.” Does he need to sort things out with Nok? Please don’t bring her into this. I don’t want my name and her name to be used in the same sentence. We’re two different destinations and I’ve never even met her.” So you’re willing to open up to Vee? “Let’s wait and see.”


SOURCE: Kapook

Sirita Jensen; A Hot Commodity?

1 Sep

Sirita Jensen

When mentioned Sirita Jensen’s name everyone in Thailand and abroad would know about the flaming hot Actress/Model. Recently “Rita’s” ex beau “Tae”  Boram the heir of Central was out in the dating world. But he’s not the only one who has had rumors with other people. Rita was rumored to be walking arm and arm with Pu Praiya’s ex, Nat Saansaat. (Just by that name alone, I really want to gag and can not believe what I’m reading! Rita can do so much better then him!) Not only that Rita was having rumors with Vee Veeraparb.

Vee & Nat

Rita has came to clear out the situations to Thairath:

“I don’t know him on a personal matter. I know who he is, but me going out with him is not true. I’ve seen him at functions but we don’t know eachother personally. It’s just rumors.” Then do you know Nat? “We are not close to eachother, but if you asked me do I know him. I do know him because we are in the same social circle. He does not have my number and I don’t have his. We’ve never been anywhere together.” How is your heart? “There is no one because I’m tired and busy with work. I’ve just finished with this show case and I don’t have any time for anyone.”

Rita is such a smart girl. Someone who is as hot as her will have plenty of good looking and rich guys after her anyday!


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