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Nok Denies Surgery, I improved naturally with age

29 Jul

“Nok” Aussanee was speechless when she was told her former boyfriend “Vee” Veraparb said she was “ugly” in her old photographs. She said she doesn’t care what other people think because Vinny understands. As for the big question of whether or not she got ‘plastic surgery’ to improve her appearance, Nok said she didn’t, she just improved naturally with age.

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“She was ugly” Says Vee in regards to His EX girlfriend leaking Bikini Photos

22 Jul

Actor “Vee” Veraparb Suparbpaiboon had a shock when he saw old pictures of his ex girlfriend in a bikini. In the images Nok posed in a bikini for a modeling photoshoot, at the time she was still wearing braces and her nipple was showing in one of the photos. It was clearly obvious she was not as attractive back then as she is now.

Ex boyfriend Vee says she was “ugly”.

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Thai Looking Pra Aeks Vs Trendy Looking Koreans

2 May

It’s undeniable Korean fever is hot commodity in all facet of the ET Biz whether is in music, or TV series.  Even celebrities have to possess the Korean style appearance to win the attention of young audience.

Especially those who holds leading actor status. If they can change their look to be koreanized..they are guaranteed to be hip and famous. But what about the traditional Thai looking stars? What chance do they have to compete against the handsome ‘Fighting!’ generation.

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Vee’s Ambition To Be A Secret Lover?

14 Feb

So they broke up long, long time ago. But former boyfriend “Vee” Veraparb is still trying to get back with his ex! Dispite hitting on random women (and girls) along the way, on the side Vee is still constantly calling Nok asking for forgivness and for her to ‘be his secret girlfriend’.

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TOP Awards Part 2

1 Feb

We know, we know that TOP Awards was like last week, but we couldn’t help it and post all of our wonderful pictures up. Here are more pictures of celebs and their full frontal dress up from our point of view.

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Vee gets a warning from Khun Dang

28 Jan

Actor “Vee” Veraparb hibernated from reporters at the recent “Top Awards” ceremony to avoid answering any questions in regards to Nok’s interview. But at his latest function yesterday Vee was unable to hide from the press any longer.

The actor apologizes to “Nok” Aussanee for making her cry. He admits he’s been hit with so much scandalous news – his boss “Khun Dang” has called him into her office to talk.

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Nok breaks down crying; Still not over Vee

19 Jan

“Nok” Aussanee breaks down crying. The actress admits she’s hurting and still not over ex boyfriend “Vee” because he keeps calling her and acting as though they are still together. When Nok was asked about her problem with Vee, she broke down crying;

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