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Tanya and Peck Reconciles despite leaked audioclip

11 Oct

“Tanya” revealed from abroad she is not the one responsible for leaking the “audioclip” of her husband “Peck” Sanchai threatening to kill her on the telephone because she had taken their daughter Leah to America.

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Tanya back in Thailand to divorce?!

14 Sep

There are rumors that Tanya came back quietly to Thailand and is preparing to divorce from husband Peck Sanchai, although Peck denies all rumors saying that someone with bad intentions are spreading false statements. A close friend of Tanya reveals that she is happy in America and there is no date on when she will return. Her friend also comments on the divorce saying that it’s not true but it is still possible. Continue reading

Tanya flies off with n’Leah to get away

20 Aug

Looks like the 3 cornered love triangle of these 3 people, Tanya Tanyares, Peck Sanchai Engtrakul, and Pinky Savika Chaiyadej is not over yet. The lastest news is that Tanya took n’Leah across the country to America to visit her older sister, Michelle. Continue reading

Pinky cannot cut p’Peck completely, adds being brother and sister is not unusual

11 Aug

Flying to a different country for work and coming back home to find news with p’Peck Sanchai is no surprise for our big-eyed beauty. We still hear these news even though she already came out to say that they don’t talk anymore. But the latest news, there’s a gossip that “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej bought a gift for her close friend, showing that there is still something going on and that they are still contacting each other. Continue reading

“Tanya” accepts “Pinky-Peck” are still talking

11 Aug

Here we go again… Tanya Tanyares didn’t know about the news of Peck Sanchai taking Pinky Savika to Cha-um Racing Track. Meanwhile, she is accepting the fact that they are still talking to each other like brother and sister. Will Tanya move permanently to America? Did she kiss a lesbian inside a pub in Tonglor? Lets take a look at the interview… Continue reading

Tanya: “If someone has committed sin, then they’re going to have to pay for it”

24 Jul

Peck Sanchai infidelity news continues when gossips circulated that actress Pinky Savika Chaidech was admitted to Wechthani hospital and Peck was there for her.

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Pinky claims she’s not a mistress; “The news is trying to make me guilty”

16 May

Actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech has been branded as a home wrecker after rumours broke out that she’s been having a fling with Tanya’s husband, “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul.

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