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A Birthday Party and Wig For May Feungarom’s Birthday

31 May

Even though in the original it states how “Aump” Patcharapa is single and out mingling after her very publicized break-up from socialite, “Note” Vises, but there was something other on our mind when we saw pictures from actress, May Feungarom‘s birthday party, it was how the ladies who attended the party were all rocking wigs!
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Celebrities Waiting Tones

7 Sep

If you were to call a very famous celebrity in Thailand you will get a personalize waiting tone greeting. Most will have songs for you to listen while you wait. Each celebrity is different from the other. While some will put the latest hit song on their waiting tone, there are other’s who will choose one to their liking or style.

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Pae – Pancake Excited To Be Working With Pete Tongjeur

15 Jun

Working together for the first time in the drama ,”Tur Gub Kao Lae Rak Khong Rao“, Pae Arak Sumonsupasiri and Pancake Khemmanit Jamiorn guarantee’s that the drama will be full of flavor. Plus there will also be actors such as Pete Tongjeur who will also be in the drama. With this Pae and Pancake were showing the delightful emotions towards the actor.
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Celeb Stars Look-A-Likes

19 Jan

[Chow Yun Fat & Ken Theeradeth]
Have you ever wondered if celebrities have a twin of their own or at least someone that looks like them that it’s creepy?

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2009 Cleo’s Bachelor Announced!

18 Oct

Are you ready for 2009 Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor? The winner for 2009 is #40, “Angdtuan” Anon Romyanan.

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Guess Who?!

2 May

Guess who’s whorin it up with her fake breasts?

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