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Kob pressured, can’t have kids

11 Sep

This perfect matched couple has been married for over a year now and still no child. Many people have been asking Kob Suvanant causing her to stress many times. Not just this, but there’s gossip going around saying that her husband, Brook Danuporn, is not willing to do his homework causing her to complain to her mother-in-law. Kob denies these rumors saying that it isn’t true. Continue reading

Kob Suvanant is stressed over her new role as diva

27 Apr

Even though “Kob” Suvanant Kongying is considered the number one actress of channel 7 but it didn’t stop the actress from transitioning from leading heroine to a diva role in “Ruen Son Rak”.

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Stars Who Can’t Act, But Sell Their Appearance

28 Mar

Netizens on Pantip posted a topic that caught interest in us, asking other opinions on which stars they think that can not act, but sell their appearance.

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Brook & Kob Still Hasn’t Signed Marriage Certificate

31 Oct

“Brook” Danupol Boonakan admitted he still hasn’t signed marriage certificate with his wife “Kob” Suvanant. Brook claims the delay is due to political reasons.

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Kob & Brook: Honeymoon in Phuket!

5 Apr

After almost 3 months since their wedding “Kob” Suvanant Kongying & “Brook” Danupol Boonakan finally went for a honeymoon in Phuket, this is just their ‘little’ honeymoon before the real honeymoon in USA.

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Kob Gets Disciplined By Brook’s mom

24 Feb

Since becoming part of the “Boonakun” family leading actress “Kob” Suvanant is reportedly getting a little disciplinary advice from her mother in law.

The mother inlaw claims as a wife to a politician, Kob Suvanant shall not dance during her talk show & she shall not touch her co-host “Poh Nuttawuth”!

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Channel 9 Broadcast Kob & Brook’s wedding

8 Jan

The smile on the face of Thailand’s number one leading actress “Kob” Suvanant Kongying at her wedding ceremony this morning is a solid proof that yes, dreams do come true!

At 8.25am this morning, Thailand’s most talked about couple Kob Suvanant and Brook Danupol tied the knot at Centara Grand Hotel. The couple met on the set of channel 7’s lakorn “Luke Tarn Loy Kaew” over a decade ago. Their romance is still strong till this day despite all the bad publicity surrounding their 10+ year romance, especially the future mother/daughter in law dilemma. The people assume the wedding day will never happen for this forbidden couple.

Late last year, Kob was renowned as “Sapai Nork Tumnieb (Unofficial daughter in law)” by the Thai media but the ceremony held this morning should automatically flee her from this name as she is now legally and officially a daughter in law to the Boonakan’s family.

The wedding ceremony of this famous couple is broadcasted live by channel 9. Some people ask “why is there a need to broadcast kob & Brook’s wedding on TV?” because they’re not a member of the royal family or anyone significant to the country. But personally for me, why not? For the most anticipated wedding of the year. It deserves a broadcast!

Please click on more to view more photos.

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