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TOP TEN Scandalous Leaked Clips Led By "Pinky", "Aom" and "Di"

9 Nov

In the Entertainment Industry lately has been having a lot of “leaked clips”. How are they leaked? Well know one knows, but TV Pool has did a TOP TEN list of clips (not just leaked clips in particular, but clips in general) that has rocked or was most talked about through the Thai Entertainment Industry. There are even some that are still being talked about years after. Let’s take a look at which was rated on the list. Continue reading

Mod Get’s Bitten In The Lip By Her Dog “Mickey”

29 Jun

On the 28th at around 2PM, reporters were informed that young singer, “Mod” Napapat Wattanakomolwut from the duo girl group “Four-Mod” had been bitten on her lip by one of the dogs she has at home.

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Mod – Charming!

27 Jul

By now most people probably know that teenage singer “Mod” Kunatchaya of duo girlband “Four-Mod” is not that innocent! Recently more bad publicity leaked to say Mod was caught drunk off her face while still wearing her school uniform.

Following the leak of this news, Mod updated her Hi5 status to “Gu mai dai moa woii E Hea!”

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Mod All Cried Out: I’m sorry….

25 Mar

Singer turned actress “Mod” Kunatchaya Chairath has been in hot water ever since leaking photos of her intimate moments with boyfriend “Chris” Christopher Robert leaked to the public. Since then Mod was heavily criticized for her behavior and landed in all sorts of negative rumours.

The latest Mod was rumoured to have gone out with Chris (again) behind her mother’s back and the couple fought in the middle of a parking lot at Major Rachayotin. Mod was seen crying her eyes out in the middle of all the parked cars. At “Kamikaze Live Concert by One 2 Call” Mod admitted to fighting with her boyfriend.

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RS Boycotting Mod?

16 Mar

Singer “Four” Sakolrat Warraaurai tried to avoid answering too many questions on Mod’s kissing scandal. When she was asked a question about it on Khaosod news Four simply said “I’m mainly just working on my lakorn and a new album. I don’t see Mod very often.”

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“Ying Mann-Chris-Mod” Taking Legal Action Against Photo Leaker!

27 Feb

Being the latest victims to the private photos/video clip leak – M.R.W  Manalumart Yukul, Christopher Roberts and RS Promotion singer “Mod” Kunatchaya are taking action against the leaker responsible for exposing their private clips & photos.

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Mod’s mom blames Chris for leaking photos!

1 Feb

By now half of Thailand’s population have seen the kissing photographs of duo singer “Mod” Kunatchaya and her boyfriend “Chris”. As a mean to protect her dearest daughter “Khun Mae Pawarisa” reveals to Gossipstar - Chris is responsible for the leaking photos. The mother believes, Chris leaked the pictures himself for publicity!

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