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Weir is bemused; didn’t know Pancake had a fling

27 Jun

When recent tabloid revealed “Pancake” Khemanid commited infidelity with an unidentified son of a high ranking military officer, “Weir” Sukollawat, the allegedly played boyfriend was asked to clarify the news.

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Working with Weir is not easy for Pancake

30 Mar

Real life couple “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn and her boyfriend “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot returns to work together again in upcoming channel 7 lakorn “Duay Rang Athitarn”. Pancake reveals it’s not easy working with Weir because the closer you are to someone, the harder it is to work with them.

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Proud Pancake reveals Weir has quit smoking

20 Jan

“Pancake” Khemanit Jamikorn is proud to say – her beau “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot have decided to quit smoking.

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A Photograph of Weir’s Ex GF “Oil”

7 Dec

Since the news broke out that Weir’s ex girlfriend “Oil” is taking a revenge on “Pancake” for stealing her man. The people have been wondering what “Oil” really looks like.

Finally a photograph of “Oil” surfaced courtesy of Siamdara. According to the description of Oil revealed by inside source, Oil’s beauty is in par with leading actresses.

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Khun Dang “I don’t talk – I discipline”

13 Oct

At the 2nd Press conference for Thai Supermodel 2008 “Khun Dang” Suraang Prempree was ask about a recent news release claiming “Weir” Skolwat requesting to be pulled out from the leading role in “Mue Nang”.  On this the Big boss of channel 7 reveals “No, Weir’s name is not in this lakorn. What would he be requesting for? To be in it? (laughs)”

Wier made a request because he doesn’t want to work with Kwan?

“No he didn’t. If his name was listed to be in it, he will get to be in it but we didn’t cast him for this. He’s in a different age group”

But so many sources claim he is

“You need to ask me about it, ask me, don’t believe anybody else”

So “Tengnueng” is the person you wanted in the first place


Rumors are saying Weir doesn’t want to be in this because he doesn’t get along with Kwan

“I don’t care about rumors. If I want him in it, he will have to be in it”

Rumors are claiming Weir begged you to count him out from the lakorn and you got mad at him

“Really? (smiles) It’s not true. Weir’s at the wrong age for this role. Do you know how old the pra aek is supposed to be? Go and read the book”

 So the female lead is still Kwan?

“Yes, still Kwan and no Weir. He was never cast to be in it in the first place but someone made up a rumor about it. Kwan is still a child. She’s not even 20, she still needs discipline”

 Kwan is involved in so many scandals, have you called her into your office to talk about it?

“I called her in to discipline, not to talk. I don’t talk. I discipline”


Weir and Aump Gets Steamy; Todd and Pancake Shouldn’t Watch!

18 Sep

Wow! Things get steamy in “Yoie Fah Tah Din” when there is a fight/kiss scene between Pawin (Weir Sukollwat) and Ticha (Aump Patcharapa). As reported from Thairath on this paticular day for the shooting. Weir was acting a bit weird. He was talking a lot and in paticular. Who wouldn’t get nervous when they have to do a scene like this with Thailand’s sexiest female like p’Aump? Aump was a bit nervous but made it fun also by saying to Weir, “Here brother I’ll teach you how to do it!”

If Todd and Pancake really wants to know if the kiss is real, then they should just look at the pictures. If that’s not enough they should watch the lakorn!


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