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Tanya is willing to forgive Pinky but advises her to ‘think before she acts’

11 Apr

Finally “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul is ready to speak to the media press to fully clarify her break up rumours after catching her husband “Peck” Sanchai red handed while he romantically chats to leading actress “Pinky” Savika on BB.

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Pinky Claims, She’s Not A Liar Like Nathan Oman

22 Nov

With Nathan Oman’s Hollywood lies being brought out into the open, it’s no surprise anyone who claims they’re getting work outside Thailand but doesn’t have anything to show yet is being accused of possibly lying.

Actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech is on the radar since her talks about going Bollywood has been ongoing for over a year – but yet till this date, still nothing.

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Pinky admits she went to India with “Golf Mike”

7 Nov

“Pinky” Savika Chaidech admited she took brothers “Golf-Mike” to a Bollywood show in India. However she added that other people including the crew from Grammy went along on the trip too. Pinky confirmed Mike is just a close friend and he still has every right to be involved with any other girl because at this stage, her heart is still empty.

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Songkran not brave enough to face Aum Atichart!

27 Aug

As a new lover to leading actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech who announced loud and clear that she’s seeing Socialite “Sonkran Taechanarong” heir to Bonaza in Kao Yai. Recently at a function, old lover and new lover were force to come face to face at an event, making them the biggest topic of interest to the media.

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Pinky’s Love Diary Preview

11 Jan

For this month’s issue of In Magazine, Pinky has told of her experience in Japan with her lovely boyfriend, Aum Artichart. From the good atmosphere to the shopping, Pinky sure does sound like she’s in love.

Pinky despise Kwan: Refuse to work with her in “Fah Jarod Srai”

3 Oct

The whole country is anticipating the release of channel 7’s upcoming lakorn production “Fah Jarod Srai” based on Best Selling novel by famous author “Sohpaak Suwan”.

The controversial in regards to this new drama has been ongoing for many generations. In the beginning actor “Pete Thonjuer” was cast to play the male leading role while the leading heroine was set to be “Mam” Kathareya Mcintosh. Since then many names has been linked to portray the leading female character “Michelle” such as “Marsha”, “Natasha” & “Pu Praiya”. But in the end the project was put on hold for unknown reason.

Later this popular masterpiece was made into a Musical by “Boy” Thakolkiet Werawan staring “Mos” Pathipan & Nat Myria as leads. The turn out of the Musical was a fantastic success provoking channel 7 to bring the idea of making “Fah Jarod Srai” into a lakorn project again. This time the leading cast were set as “Vee” Veraparb” and “Aump Patcharapa” as well as “Chompoo Araya” who was going to take on the role of the diva. A year later, still no progress on this lakorn and Chompoo moved on to work for channel 3.

The company then reassess and made the decision to go ahead with this lakorn again. Inside source reveal the casts has changed but the leading man remains as “Veraparb”. As for the role of ‘Michelle’ – In the novel her character is described as a beautiful Eurasian woman with oval shaped face, long eye lashes, large almond shaped eyes, prominent nose, a full pout and brown hair. “Kwan” Ausamanee is cast to play this leading heroine and “Pinky” Savika will be taking on the diva role for the first time.

However, when the channel contacted Pinky, the actress instantly declines the role for an unidentified reason. But one certain fact is ‘Kwan & Pinky’ has a feuding history with each other. If these two actresses are paired up to work side by side we can almost guarantee the lakorn is going to turn from “Fah Jarod Srai” to “Burning Srai”….


Channel 7 Actresses Fighting.. Pinky doesn’t want to get involve!

29 Sep

Channel 7 actresses are constantly caught in feuding rumours, from “Kob Suvanant & Aump Patcharapa”, “Kwan Ausamanee & Poo Praiya” & “Kwan Ausamanee & Bee Martika” etc etc..

Being one of the A List actresses working for channel 7 “Pinky” Savika Chaidech was asked how she felt about the dramas within the channel.

How do you feel about the constant fighting between the actresses of Channel 7?

“This is more other people’s business. I don’t want to be apart of it. Personally I’m not scared of it because I haven’t done anything bad. I walk in the middle lane and I don’t interfere with many people”

Do you talk to Kwan?

“Not really, we’re not close. Actors and actresses in the channel are all busy working. We’re all just working so I don’t really talk to other people. I have a few friends in the industry, as you have seen. If you ask if I could work with her, yes I can. If the channel wants me to work with her I will work with her. I work for channel 7 and I’m going to do my job as best as I can”

How do you feel about actresses moving from channel 7 to channel 3?

“That’s more the path chosen by different individual. I feel channel 7 or channel 3 is the same thing, not much difference. It’s not like if you move to channel 3 and you won’t be talking to channel 7. It’s not like that. It’s a choice. For me, I’m happy at channel 7, just working along. I think it’s best to stay like this”

How do you feel about Chompoo’s move to channel 3?

“It’s a good thing. It’s like her work has matured in her own way. It’s her choice and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing”

Many people want to see you work with “Aum” Athichart

“That’s going to be hard in terms of lakorn because there’s no middle channel for it. In terms of work you will probably see us. Movies could be a possibility, but lakorn is possible too. Although no one has made an offer for it yet”

There’s news that you guys are off for a tour to Japan again?

“Not yet but there is a plan, we will probably go for a vacation but not right now. If you ask if I’m afraid of bad publicity from it, no I’m not because I didn’t do anything wrong”

How is your love life now?

“Happy, normal like everybody else, there’s nothing much to it”

Your mom came out to say she refuse to talk about this topic?

“The reason for that is because this is my business and my mom respects my decision. My mom is normal. She’s still the same as she was before, still giving the green light, not much has changed

 SOURCE: Siamrath


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