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Pu’s new love

24 Apr

Actress “Pu” Praiya has never been out of love. She went from Joey Boy to being torn between “Nutt” Sarasas & “Pat” Pakasit.

In the end she chose Pat but broke it off with him later for an English man. But again, her relationship with her English beau was short lived. She broke up with him and accepted a new romance with Socialite “Khunpol Itsara”.

The couple maintained a long distant relationship for some time before Pu finally announced..Khun Pol is just a friend to her now.

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Pu Wants To Rest Her Heart With Khun Pon

26 Aug

How long will it even last?

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Nat Still Heartbroken After Pu

25 Dec

Nat Saansat is still hurt from the devastated break up between him and Pu Praiya. He brushes off rumors that the two will be returning to rekindle their love. Nat says that, “Whatever was in the past, let it be in the past.” He’s not ready for another relationship.

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Pu returns to Thailand

19 Dec

Pu Praiya returns to Thailand again after leaving to go study in England (Oxford Brookes University). Before she left Pu cried her eyes out over having to leave her loved ones behind, especially boyfriend “Pat Pakasit” and that was 3 months ago.

On her return, reporter from Khaosod news asked Pu about her relationship status with Pat, her reply was “Ouuuuuu, I broke up with him long time ago…waiiiii! You guys are late!”

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