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Kan: “I’m not that hairy”

10 Apr

Ever since EFM DJ “Kan” Kantaworn transformed himself into a full time actor, Kan has been bombarded by scandalous gossip from ‘gay allegations’ to ‘plastic surgery’ and the latest to hit the fan – is a leaked photograph from Kan’s old modelling days.

The picture showed an image of Kan with no shirt on wearing a pair of low rise jeans – so low you could see his pubic hair.

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Kan – More Famous, More Scandals

1 Dec

Rising actor from “Baung Rai Pai Rak”, Kan Kantaworn admitted to Rhinoplasty but still, it didn’t stop the media from criticizing him for his attitude toward answering the question. It’s been said in the news, he’s a tantrum thrower.

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