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Candid: Golf & Dew goes shopping

21 Nov


Teen couple “Golf” Pichaya Nithipaisarnkul and “Dew” Arisara Tongborisuth were presumably ‘fast come fast go’ and not destined to last according to past speculation. But today, young lover Golf and Dew stepped out  and into the open to show  off some love at Siam Square shopping centre.

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Kwan Vs Dew

25 Sep

It’s on! The battle between leading actress “Kwan” Aussamanee and school bully turned diva starlet “Dew” Arisara is burning hot in the Thai tabloids this week. First off, it started with a rumour stating that Kwan is making harassing phone calls to Dew. Meanwhile Dew’s closest friend and Kwan’s ex close friend “Golf” Pichaya refuses to comment on whether or not Kwan made the abusive calls.

The speculation now is – did she or didn’t she? Here is an interview from Kwan and Dew – you can almost feel the love coming from both sides!

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Golf is irate: Who is Pimdao?!

24 Jul

“Golf” Pichaya is irate over a forward mail which has been circling the internet. The mail claims “Dew” Arisara is a jealous snatcher who stole Golf from her friend ‘Pimdao’. According to what was said, Golf  originally wanted Dew to hook him up with Pimdao but Dew manipulated the situation and made them hate each other so she could have Golf all to herself.

Golf says forward mail is “Retarded!”

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Dome Vs Golf

21 Nov

Even though it’s over between him and Ploy but singer “Dome” Pakorn Lum still lingers on to the past. Yesterday at channel V 20 Years Anniversary Dome reveals he still cares for Ploy and he is concern that her new romance with Golf might just be out of loneliness. The singer also said in a careless tone that in the 4 years that he has worked at Grammy he has never spoken to Golf.

“I speak to her often when she’s in the news I will call to ask about the news. I didn’t call her and acted jealous because I’m in a position where I can’t do that. I can’t stop her since at the time I was the one to leave her. But the reason why I called her was because I care about her. I know that I know her well and out of all the men in this world, I know Ploy more than anyone”

“I don’t think it’s wrong for Ploy to be with anyone. But I feel if she’s lonely and she doesn’t have anyone she might make inaccurate decision. But I feel if she gets to meet someone nice then I will be happy for her. But if her decision is not a good one then it won’t be a good thing. In the past I still love her and I still give her good advice and I know that Ploy still loves me too”

You didn’t go to her pub launch?

“My friend called to say Ploy opened up a pub but she didn’t call me to invite me. I read in the news that she was upset that I didn’t go and she said I always do this so she doesn’t care anymore but honestly the reason why I didn’t go is because Ploy is in so many rumors, if I went uninvitedly I might run into someone and I could upset her”

Golf Mike also attended Channel V 20 yeears anniversary so reporters couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview Golf right after Dome.

“Honestly I don’t have a problem with P’Dome. But the rason why I don’t talk to him is because in the past I never talk to him so it’s not like I stopped talking to him because of Ploy. Part of it could be because we work for a different company even though it’s in the same Grammy building but it’s on a different floor. But when I walked past him today I wai him(greeted him the Thai traditional way) but it was at the time when he already walked past me”

“As for P’Dome worrying about Ploy’s love life, that’s up to how people want to interpret this. I don’t want to comment because that’s his business. I don’t want to interfere”


Judging from this interview I think Dome is acting like a jealous boyfriend and who really needs to get over himself. Sure he may used to the only man in the world who knows Ploy more than anyone but honey, you’re not her boyfried anymore so try and get over it. But then again, maybe after this interview Ploy might run right back to him because she does love him a lot..and they did make an adorably good looking couple when they were together.

Ploy gets flowers from Golf

1 Nov

At the opening launch of her new shop “Koze Bar”, Ploy gets a bunch of flowers from Golf.

Don’t get jealous now! Here are some pictures of Ploy showing off her flower from young chewy grass “Golf Pichaya” with a big smile on her face.


Golf’s card to Ploy has a picture of himself on it. He either loves himself very much or he wants Ploy to think of him when she sees it, or both!


Golf Wants A Photo Shoot with Rita & Paula!

10 Oct

“Golf Pichaya” has a fetish for Eurasian girls.

He let it slip that he’d like to do a photo shoot with “Paula Taylor & Sirita Jenson”

There! Girls in his own age range tend to break his heart so Golf decides to try his luck with the older generation. (Careful Golf, these girls could knock you out!)



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